Saturday, March 26, 2011

Burning Desire (Very 1st Song)

Unfortunately.. Music is in ma heart
Music is in ma soul
it keep on Burning every-time...Never heard or felt before..
There's always Burning desire... In ma soul running faster..
as a whole..there's always Burning desire...
Running in every part of ma body from ma soul.
never ever Instigate to urge a fight beneath my soul .. Dont make it fade..
Never ever Instigate.....Don't dare to do it any time..
Rest of Your Life....I say..Rest of Your life..
Here we go again..Burning...its Burning...
Never heard it before..Lets do it a RoLL.. Right here Right now..itsszz ..
Burning..Desire...Buring desire..Desire..Desire..
I have..Desire for Music...Desire for Music..
It born.. get Born inside..My soul...
My My soul...