Wednesday, August 19, 2009

*The Partial Theory* (Completion)

The Partial Theory (2009)

ADAPS started to work on their 1st album in February 2009 within Akshay’s make-shift bedroom studio. The album, which consisted lyrics and rhythms penned down in 2007 was edited by music producer Pratik Chari. The band released two of the Introduction Tracks "ADAPS EMERGENCY(Instrumental)" and "BURNING DESIRE" on 12th March '09

Both the track received lot of appreciation from many music lovers. While adaps emergency was instrumental, burning desire was sang by the band vocalist and lead guitarist Akshay and also consisted of rapping by guitarist and bassist Saudatta
Both the songs had a notable element of mixing by Dj Prics.

As the Musical Instruments Used are virtual & Technicals by the help of different Softwares & Computer Applications in Musical World, the needy music as per 100% thinkings was not possible. As a result the Lyrics & Music Penned down in early 2007 were forcibly dropped. That included:- Numbness,Just Done Care,Impossible,BC3. The DEATH(LIVE) will be special Track only during their 1st LIVE performance in Future. Blood In Tears got lack of Energy in Music. The lyrics and Music were all Final but Band members came to conclusion that it need more energy in its Base music so it got postponed and Final Tracks of Their very own 1st ALBUM "THE PARTIAL THEORY" Got released on 20th Aug 2009 as an occasion of Ganesh Festival'09 which is considered as one of Good Days for any Important work. The released Tracks included:- Guard Urself,Fcukin in Dark,Gulp D Fear & Heavy Weight Words. 2 solo songs featuring Akshay as Lead vocalist were Guard urself & Guld D fear and other two were with sexy Rap by Saudatta.

due to further studies one of de member Saudatta could not land his vocals to the songs. this became the reason for 2 solo songs sang by Akshay as a hope to keep the BAND ADAPS Alive in people's heart. but as the band members are always considered the second family Saudatta could not stay away from it so he came back for the remaining 2 songs. As told earlier Blood in tears didnt got Focused coz of its Low Music energy so as a result the recordings finished n entered DJ PRICS's Lab. As the Pratik Chari aka DJ PRICS aka Multi-Talented person got in the action, hez fingers rolled on the Discs and resulted into a sexy music doping and modifications and modulations with amplification of raw vocals into pure Rock form. After Prics's superb work he ended up with hez final touch on FinD song and he came up with his usual attractive wallpapers on each of above songs and got released on 21st aug '09 evening.

The Demo song was released in mid aug'09 just to see people's reaction towards the upcoming songs. The demo contained GULP D FEAR[DEMO] which was of 1min and people showed lot on likings 2wards it and through which the band members got some inner power of people's love and likings towards their creations and gave them a boost of music.

As a result the LINKIN PARK HARDCORE LOVERS 'ADAPS' released their songs on the social site ORKUT and FACEBOOK and released their respective Lyrics on this BlogSpot with this article information given to our writter.

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