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Background information:

Origin- Panaji, Ponda, Goa, India
Genre(s) - Rap Rock, *Alternate Rock*, Alternate hip hop
Years Active - 2006- Present

Akshay Kapdi
Saudatta Kundaikar
Pratik Chari (Dj Prics)
Daglon Dias

Former Members
Aniket Desai
Pratik Sawant

ADAPS is an Alternate Rock band from Goa, India. Right From the formation of the band back in 2006 it has clamed critical acclaim from the vast global audience. Thought the band has not sold their music rights to any label. The progress of band can be seen thru the much awaited album The Partial Theory, which is due to release in 2009.


The band was formally formed in 2006 with the original lineup consisting Akshay Kapdi, Daglon Dias, Aniket Desai, Pratik Sawant and Saudatta Kundaikar. Akshay and Saudatta where pursuing their diploma when the band idea came out. But none of the founders had a formal training in playing any musical instrument. Though Daglon was jus learning to play drums. They were committed to their DreamS of making an album consisting their original music.

Since the band was not so active and had not done any project after the formation, it prompted their two members Aniket and Pratik Sawant to leave the band on the ground of mutual understandings. This is the time when they met Pratik Chari (Dj Prics) who formally joined the band in mid 2007. Being The Dj of the band Pratik used to produce many side projects. The Band performed for the 1st time at the fun week function of band member's college. It featured Vinay and Abhishek as the band did not have any vocalist at the time.

Due to some personal problems the band had a hiatus in their future projects. Akshay and Saudatta used this time to learn some musical instruments but with constant study tension they couldn't learn any. Meanwhile Pratik released more of his remixes to global audiences, thinking of an original album in his mind he took the initiative of making it a reality. Having his hand in graphics designing he came with the concept of making ADAPS cd covers as an inspiration for other band members to take the album seriously.

But the major hiccup was that none of the active members knew to play musical instruments. So Pratik came with an idea of virtual music (using software to produce sounds which sounds exactly like real musical instruments). Learning to play virtual musical instruments is far more difficult then playing the actual ones but they dint have any other alternative then jus going for it.

The Partial Theory (2009)

ADAPS started to work on their 1st album in February 2009 within Akshay's make-shift bedroom studio. The album, which consisted lyrics and rhythms penned down in 2007 was edited by music producer Pratik Chari. The band released two of the tracks ADAPS EMERGENCY and BURNING DESIRE on 12th March '09

Both the track received lot of appreciation from many music lovers. While adaps emergency was instrumental, burning desire was sang by the band vocalist and lead guitarist Akshay and also consisted of rapping by guitarist and bassist Saudatta.

Both the songs had a notable element of mixing by Dj Prics.

The album is still in the making and will be released in late 2009
But as revealed by the band vocalist Akshay the album is on hold due to some technical and personal problems.

ADAPS got inspired by Linkin Park ..

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